Kirtan Basics

Kirtan is a devotional style of singing in and arround India in which a group of participants alternately chant devotional themes in verse. The kirtan belongs especially to the bhakti tradition of Vishnuism. The Hindu bhakti tradition was originally directed towards the devotion to Vishnu or Krishna. Kirtan are known in many regionally distinct styles, most of which derive from the formally strict North Indian chanting tradition of dhrupad. In a more general sense, regardless of form or as a formally simpler genre, religious songs are called bhajan.

Main Features of this course

  • learn what kirtan is
  • how can one benefit from kirtan
  • get a glimpse into rhytm and basics of kirtan
  • framework of kirtan
  • different kirtan styles

What is the target audience?

  • everybody who wants to know basics of kirtan
  • you know already about kirtan, but would like to understand the musical part
  • anyone who likes to hear and speak about kirtan


What is Kirtan
How can I benefit from Kirtan
Kirtan traditions
Kirtan as a form of meditation
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In this course we have emphasized the importance of praktical knowledge about kirtan. We have created another course where you can learn instruments like harmonium, mridanga and karatals.
We strongly think that to play instruments correctly, it is as much important to first understand why and for whom we do kirtan. If this is not clear from the beginning, the idea of kirtan is lost. That is why we highly recommend you to start with this course and get to know all the small secrets of chanting.
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Duration: 2,5
Lectures: 4
Level: Beginner